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Lay around and think, nothing to do…sunday was always a real soulful day in my house so

The funky Del Jones is super rare and progressive…always the case though.

These ladies have soul and class…like beyonce

rock n soul

The Headhunters is in my crates for sure. Coming up this week reports on around the way girls and artists that dont suck.


About to jet to a house party. If I had taste and impressive pockets I would do something like Wings & Horns(sites like these!?) 


Or I would just keep it murder with Nom de Guerre-their presentation, fresh, their About Us…I get it much more than Public SchoolNYC.


I could rock the new Hips and Hairjawn just delivered to my doorstep…thats bless. Unfortunately the cold is effin people up right now so I’ll save that tee for some summertime affair.

2009 Mos Def will have the best hip hop album of the year…and he will definitely not receive any accolades worth mentioning on the Rap City (please poor some 40 on that show). If anyone can help locate a copy of the Attitudes Raw Energery jewl that Mos lifts up in the black case…I will buy you a Public School hoody. The shit sounds like old school Webster Hall rythyms. Other thoughts: for such a high end sought-after brand, PS has presentation that is too expected and an About Us writeup that teeters between unbearable and throwing up on myself.

Remember when everything was new and exciting and all of your friends were a tight-knit group who stuck together and you all went through things as one?  Has this changed for you as it has for me?  For the past handful of years my once super close friends have grown more and more distant.  Now this is due to a lot of reasons, mainly their lifestyle choices (drugs, alcohol, etc.) versus my choice of living a healthy sober lifestyle (yeah yeah yeah I’m straight edge).  Now I realize that my life choices are not the norm, and I by no means try to preach my beliefs to anyone else, and the fact that I do not have any straight edge friends anymore is not a big issue.  The issue is, once people started to get into the “party” scene, the old times of being passionate about certain activities seemed to have run its’ course for many of my buddies, really depressing me.

But then again, in a way I found that once I had to stop relying on group activities to feed my need for passion in my life, was the same time I really started to create art.  And this need to create has never stopped, and is what motivates me to try and create beauty and innovation, through both my fine art, and through my brand Hips and Hair.  In my head there is no real boundary between the two, both of them are art, and art is life.

Anyways, before this post gets even more sappy, I’ll just leave you with a lil vid that brings back amazing fun memories, a throwback to the past.

p.s. Throwdown sucks these days and hasn’t made anything good since heavy k stopped doing vocals


Not one to shy away from criticism, I have chosen bitter and bleak friends.(throwing Zing in after a snark remark is real extra)

You probably recall last month, our dopest first month ever, the post where I wrote about stuff but also put up a critique from one of my friends who is too cool to just write it in comments and embarrass me…suckers. Well the peoples have come back for a second round of critique in month 2. My joy Fabiola writes    

i know you’re all about quality and not quantity but you should update your blog damnit.

Yup, maybe my candidness is bad for growing 5th and Prospect into a blood sucking, baby murdering corporation but shit I’m trying to write memorable shit. No I’m gassing you, I’ve been busy doing this other project with artists and photographers…I might write about it one day. And to the chick Fabi who called me out on not providing the haps 5 days a week(like gah) here is a vid just for you and all you art school student types that enjoy expanding your mind…Alexander McQueen does some graffiti on the catwalk.

My partner Yoon is still around being busy busy. I think mostly with trying on all her new joints from Tokyo and bragging about how her flannel is stronger than mine. I just tell her shes gaining weight and I don’t wear flannel. 


It’s okay don’t feel sorry for her, it never works. Besides we work better not liking each other a few days a week. And if I really wanted to I could just defeat her by throwing on a fresh poster by The Death Set (no link google it)


I highly recommend seeing the deathset live in Baltimore and heading over to East Baltimore to get a bite to eat when you’re done…the Wire anyone? Of course don’t ride a bike through those parts of town because you’re likely to get bodied unless you’re like kevin bacon in Quicksilver.

Sorry for the bad attitude and no updates on limited edition Nookas (doesn’t their website look like Uniqlos before they got sloppy) but its cold on the East Coast. If you want happy, 5th and Prospect will not be the jawn for you this winter. I suggest buying something purple at Karmaloop and checking out Complex magazine online. I’m sure Yoon will kick me in the shin for this post and I will be back on track next time but maybe I should just move to the west coast, rock Fairfax and listen to this guy all day. Blu is serious.


So my name is Jonathan Bussiere and am the owner/designer of a small label in Los Angeles called Hips and Hair.  Kwan, the genius behind this blog was kind enough to invite me to contribute my 2 cents to this beast.  I would like to start off by saying that my posts will be more about things that interest me as a whole, rather than just things pertaining to Hips and Hair.  I have my own blog for that, so if you are interested in that go here Hips and Hair blog ,but I’m sure since Hips and Hair is my baby/life, it will inevitably come up in most of my posts.


It’s almost December here in LA, and its hot as balls…I’ve been printing stickers lately, and nothing interesting has been happening in recent days, well there are fires everywhere and I feel like I have the black lung from breathing it all in. Anyone know any good live/work lofts available in LA for rent?  If so I would probably give my right nut, as well as some shirts for it.

Graff on Legs