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Regardless of both being popular locales for weirdos,  Atlantic City and Mars are not all that similar. Although, throw in christmas or the equivalent and South Jersey aptly becomes a dreamy depressing experience like Mars and from what I hear, an Imogean Heap concert.





This year, I also veered off the traditional path with the Flaming Lips’ film,  ”Christmas on Mars”.

yoons peoples

The folk-art flick took 7 years to make, features space cadets bugging out about Christmas on Mars, and Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips yaks, ” I wanted it to feel like some kind of drug-damaged foreign film”. Yeah so personally I think the film is as much of a must see as Daft Punk’s Electrorama. And I accept thats possibly a terrible litmus test because there’s a good chance you skipped out on that one too. No worries, here is another explanation by Coyne that doesn’t require a preconditioned knowledge of drugs and foreign film.

We know, for certain, that life is bleak and dark…it is awkward and clumsy and devoid of all meaning. Therefore, it is up to us to make it beautiful and graceful. It is up to us to see its magic and wonder.

Happy Holidays!


Left Center City with my old roommate for a 24 hour break in DC.


Last New Years, a crazy hohemian randomly tackled her at a party. Out of reflex she did a fatality move and broke the said hohemian’s nose. More often than not though, she has a smile triggering vibe and a style I miss waking up to.

And then there’s Vashtie…clean as shit. I already gave all the obvious male sentiments about the beautiful creative here, but she just launched her uptown girl inspired clothing line Violette…so I’m back at it again.   


So far Violette offers the ladies a package that ranges from interesting enough to visually appealing.






With shoddy female lines out like Married With The Mob, Vashtie will not have to do much wooing to be the best in class but being the best is so overrated these days. I think my real interest is in seeing if/how Vashtie can create a woman’s line relevant outside of Downtown.






after hours



I still cringe at the thought of breaking my jaw…but I’ve never felt freer, so I love my Peugeot hard.


Despite sounding a little sweet there, I refuse to be the guy zipping past you in biking shorts…in hip neighborhoods, daisey dukes. Personal taste also dictates me staying clear of idea biking clothes that scream, ” I’m smart” or better yet, ”I eat hummus”…until now. Outlier clothing is looking sharp.











I love writing my name on peoples property too so I’ve spent hours upon hours ”reading” this book in Barnes n Nobles.


It’s something like watching the movie Style Wars. Henry Chalfant always has money shots…probably why I saw a copy of Style Wars in Urban Outfitters the other week.


Martha Cooper or Henry Chalfant though? I would pick Martha’s anthropological take because she just came out with another book rooted with old school styles.


Over the past month all the graffiti buffs have been heard saying nothing but good things about this one. Today I got to see firsthand why…it’s not just about graffiti. Think bigger than the sound.


Check out the Andy Warhol tag on his jacket to see what I mean…the kid’s rocking a 6 figure bomber right now and he looks like he knows it.

This crackhead, no really…scabby face and everything, was sitting next to me on the greyhound talking extra zany shit. When I woke up in Baltimore, she had her socks and shoes off and her crack head laying on my shoulder. Later on I met up with Yoon and…

there was no blood this time

there was no blood this time




Baltimore beats eh? Personally: coalescing Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ”Put em on the glass” and that one Daft Punk track that goes like boom boom boom is annoying. Fortunately: there is so much more soulful music running through Bmore that doesn’t require humping a chick offbeat in club that would have once been considered the happy hardcore room.

stopped in a shop and came out with some spaced out funk by the headhunters
stopped in a shop and came out with some spaced out funk by the headhunters owned by someone named tony.

Again, Baltimore isn’t exactly Art Basel (interesting bit about that here) but whenever I attend the monthly Deep Sugar jam its pretty apparent I’m experiencing one of those Jimmy Hendrix moments. I’m never the guy at a party shooting people, so you’re going to have to take  my word for it. 


Next month they’re bringing in a good bit of peoples from the now defunct Sheltar. Speaking of New York, I came across Fifty in the lab during my trip.



Story goes something like…one of my friends is a scientist trying to crack a code for breast cancer so being the huge fan that I am, I decided to stop by and I see how I could help. I couldn’t so we left for the ”World Famous” Lexington Market to get some food. Shit was huge and mad ghetto like the chicken gizzards that were being served in at least 2 out of 3 booths. While I was walking around bugging out, my scientist friend caught a glimpse of 50 cents dressed in lab coat cooking up some vitamin water and she geeked.


At first I thought lame, but when I saw the bigger picture: A health store is using 50 and a flipped concept of au naturale-to get some gizzard eating subsect of an urban demographic to buy a few vitamins. Brilliant. kinda.