Regardless of both being popular locales for weirdos,  Atlantic City and Mars are not all that similar. Although, throw in christmas or the equivalent and South Jersey aptly becomes a dreamy depressing experience like Mars and from what I hear, an Imogean Heap concert.





This year, I also veered off the traditional path with the Flaming Lips’ film,  ”Christmas on Mars”.

yoons peoples

The folk-art flick took 7 years to make, features space cadets bugging out about Christmas on Mars, and Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips yaks, ” I wanted it to feel like some kind of drug-damaged foreign film”. Yeah so personally I think the film is as much of a must see as Daft Punk’s Electrorama. And I accept thats possibly a terrible litmus test because there’s a good chance you skipped out on that one too. No worries, here is another explanation by Coyne that doesn’t require a preconditioned knowledge of drugs and foreign film.

We know, for certain, that life is bleak and dark…it is awkward and clumsy and devoid of all meaning. Therefore, it is up to us to make it beautiful and graceful. It is up to us to see its magic and wonder.

Happy Holidays!