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Half full or half empty? Sure the economy looks to be dipping lower than your one scabby friend at all the jams but be positive for a momentConsider all the super wack brands that will soon be expunged because peoples will no longer have stupid amounts of dough to spend on excessively gaudy fitsjust because they feel inadequate next to Pharrell. Ok, forget about all that and go ahead and look through the motherfucking glass to see a futuristic, recession clad world where peoples rock low-key, macabre matching looks and roll around still on fixies(not going away- adapt) and in real hard body American cars like the one I saw last night.

heart black label, this car, afros

Health not in the picture, imagine this car with a cigarette habit…I bet you would look like a million yen. Pharrell doesn’t have this car.

Really though, not a sober day goes by that I don’t consider how the economic meltdown will effect styles, independent brands, and the arts. Will artists still have the resiliency to spread light on a shitty world or will they all succumb to ”fuck it” and go get a job at Starbucks(if those still exist by the time im talking about)? I also wonder on shit like what will happen to graffiti. Presumably, I believe graffiti/street art(bad & good) will see a boost but I hope its nothing but black and white throw ups to appropriately fit the modest times. As far as street art, alls I ask is that it’s shrouded with the same wit and satire of Philly artist Kenyon Bajus.






Kenyon’s now defunct line Future Relic used to be the shit before streetwear got cooler than cool. He still sells tees under the name KenyonB and you can find them here , Digital Gravel (though their shipping is mad slow), or search the keywords ‘shemale tranny vomit’ (honest it worked for me) to get to his site. Also photos were taken from the artist’s site and Computer Love. And along with my recession dreams about art and stuff, I hope this record succeeds Arab Money as the next club joint(dirty breakers know).



I like this record more than yoon yoon.



snow angel



note…fotos at jersey mikes (i always wanted to say that).


I have mad respect for all the people that still check this blog every now and again.  I know, some days the shit doesn’t make sense to me either, but nope, I don’t edit a thing…And also, you best believe I would never ever sham you by drinking 4 porters, 2 shots of Paul Masson, and taking what could’ve been a hit of crack before I reviewed this film. Besides, I don’t have swagger like Hunter S. Thompson.

A year ago, the most morrally corupt friend I have,  told me to check out the movie Old Boy.


I sat on the advice until this weekend because this was the same asshole that once emailed me a link leading into a splash page of two 60 year-old gents hunching. Back to script though…Old Boy is a revenge laden, love entangled flick that depicts the dude-Oh Dae-Su being mysteriously entrapped in a prison/hotel room, only to be randomly released 15 years later into the scheme of a puppet master-like antagonist and the life of a fine ass sushi chef.    

The film is a 2 hour emotionally unstable relationship that teeters between copacetic and vulnerability. Despite the sound of that, you won’t cryunless you’re sweet—but every element of the film: plot line, music, edits or lack thereof, and so on, come together brilliantly(no really) to make you feel first and think later. Unlike some indie films  that make you do so much initial thinking only to be left with feeling like shit after not being able to ”get it”. One of my favorite scenes of the movie, for obvious reasons, is:

Nonrelated but also this weekend, I came to the conclusion that rich girls from NY are cool but crazy and can eat your heart out quick fast.ouch

 note…i will start editing-gone when i wrote that, the nefarious eyed girl is actually from DC not  NY(same thing tho), my bad…dont haunt my dreams, fotos were shot by my man with the funny thing on his face in the last post, who btw is a sharp mind that will help in marketing(right?).  

Peoples let Kanye irk them to no end. This is probably one of the few instances I’m not down with the peoples. How can something as absurd as his shag during the inauguration or for that matter any of Kanye’s other attention seeking antics get you vex(how did it go…99 problems but). 


Like when my boy came in from Queens the other day, he couldn’t shake his allergies from my  ”Cat of the Year”.

Sars Man

And obviously our on the fly Sars Mask made out of a rubber band(taken from my risk) and a coffee filter, wasn’t one of his toughest looks…But I didn’t trip. And Oscar, the Cat of the Year caught his first mouse the other night, didn’t kill it though, I suspect next time.

oscar and friend

Mad militant and radical peoples are still like F no Obama. I don’t want to get dogged next time I’m around the way picking up my incense so again, I’ll stay above the fray…But Obama is super cool and makes me want to cool out to Bob Marley’s Mellow Mood while simultaneously achieve at something.




The girl is a product of Philly…Obama fotos racked from The Gluttony-A blog  that used to have a header that reminded me of the weekend. And while I reminiscing, this one with Mos Def is classic.

Remember the movie Garden State?

Dropkick The Shins out the picture and punch up the soundtrack with Minor Threat or old Mobb DeepAnd the past few days could have easily been me living out a more audacious, less ironic version of Garden State in Atlantic City…At the same time though, I saw a ton of peoples rocking Ed Hardy, the Natalie Portman of my weekend had to jet back to LA without me, and the cold was too much to bare in any way respectable.

super duper fly

Long Johns…total mood killer and set my manhood back years to when I was 5.


But it wasn’t all fun and games…The casinos in Jersey can be serious business.


But back to looking poor.

julian duron

Artist Julian Duron exhibits much of what I dig in art at the moment. And from what I can tell by his work, he’s not just the typical afflicted artist that paints to accompany activities like solemnly listening to the Cure on a Friday night. In fact, he’s the first artist this year that prompted me to send emails to peoples, describing him like he’s Obama. Spacey landscapes accented by seemingly cubism elements and color, color, color, all provide for a reason to experience and love his work.

julion durion 4

julian duron 6

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