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A bit on the bohemian side of things, I’m partial to peoples that smell like Egyptian musk and Patchouli oil. Include my slant for nerds and here I am working out how I’m going to cop the Original David’s cheeky laptop bag and save enough duckets for Otakon 2009.

Otakon 2008

Otakon 2008

OkayI didn’t know what was what, girl dragged me there, making out-nada, I’ll never go back againtrue story. Now to further save face, post, etc. etc:





Interestingly enough, the bags are priced nice at $58 and the first time I saw this line from Washington, DC, I thought “how booty, super wack”…I guess my third eye wasn’t open or something, but my imagination is up to speed, and now I’m clearly seeing mad opportunities to construct nice fits. Such:

the original david fits nice

And Ladies, especially art school girls:

burka king


coffee: Blast off!



There’s really no escaping the man brand Puff Combs. He maneuvers in Frank White fashion in and out of scenes leaving something like a 60/40 ratio of people who love and hate him respectively. Me personally, I actually don’t mind Diddy. Sure he comes off as the obnoxious dude that holds up the line at Checkers because the tomatoes on his Double Buford don’t look right, as in, ”shit, they just don’t look right”. But fuck it really, I’m the one at the back of the line thinking about how I’m so wasted right now and this shit is hilarious.

And right along with Sean Jean and Terry Richardson being an oddly funny pair, is a bathroom covered in comic books.

comics ab

comics aa

The Black Lips can be funny sometimes, albeit the gay raunchiness…But I do dig their sound and can’t wait to hear their new album.

The new Spring line for Hips and Hair is scheduled to be online in our store later on this week.  All the shirts are printed in limited quantities and will go fast. Here’s a look at what’s coming at you…


Dead Marilyn

Marilyin Monroe…why does young hollywood always try to steal her thunder? This design sprang from my frustration of seeing successful young celebrities take their success and wealth and run the same gauntlet of death and destruction we have been seeing for decades. How about you guys try something new?

Dead Marilyn

Kolbie is wearing a Girl's Medium       Jonathan is wearing a Men's Small


Jazzy Jasmine That Sloot

With today’s media constantly pushing girls to look skinnier and sluttier it is no wonder why young girls these days have goals of becoming sex symbols. So this design shows a young girl’s sex symbol idol as princess jasmine, holding her wished for grown-up self, the playboy bunny.

Jazzy Jasmine That Sloot

Jazzy Jasmine That Sloot     Jazzy Jasmine That Sloot


Kelly Kapowski Ruined My Life

Kelly Kapowski…just the thought of the name conjures images of my fantasy girl when a was a young buck. She was my biggest tv show crush, and could melt me with that extremely amazing bronze tan of hers. In my world tv show crushes never die.
Kelly Kapowski Ruined My Life
Kelly Kapowski Ruined My Life     Kelly Kapowski Ruined My Life
When My Heart Bled Dry
Wanting to create a design derived from different medias, this design incorporated a photograph of a broken window, a collage out of found text, and a stencil cut from a hot jam looking model. A clean cut epic design in a world gone mad with huge all-over prints.
When My Heart Bled Dry
When My Heart Bled Dry     When My Heart Bled Dry

Spray On Inspiration
This design comes directly from a painting I did in December of 2008.  I strive to make designs that come from more original sources, than just graphic art stuff. The deeper meaning is that i wanted to show how inspiration can come in the form of anything…even a spray can.
Spray On Inspiration
Spray On Inspiration     Spray On Inspiration

I’m busy busy baby working on a project. I hope 85% of the peoples that see it, love it, so my focus is in deep right now. I’m also running a day behind because Saturday I didn’t wake up until 7pm. Will be back on some semi-insightful ish soon. For now though…it was looking like:

oh no


Pong With No Flip Flops

10 second rule



As much of a statement as Doc Martens used to make, in retrospect, it’s interesting how peoples turned and abandoned their ”Docs”  from the turn of the century until now. And I’m not sure whether to attribute Doc Marten’s current revival to innocuous, rich girls(the irony of it all) or to throw props in the direction of some heartless ad exec that reinvigorated the brand with ads like:

kurt Ad

Either way, it’s probably a sad day for someone. The bottom line is though, Doc Martens look mad stunning with contrasting pieces and are no doubt a fashionable(unless with red laces) shit-kicking boot. And though fashionable and shit-kicking seems really oxymoronic a la Tommy Hilfiger challenging someone to a duel…Actually that’s my point exactly, I dig Doc’s comeback hard because over the years I have seen first hand how emasculating electro music can be. Like maybe some chunky, Mission Possible boots such as Docs will put that umph back into dude’s club grind a la H-Town’s ”Knocking the Boots” .

Yvonne, the deadly gorgeous face leering at the top of the blog was wearing Doc Marten’s that day (photographers own).  

Break Time, Yvonne

And in 2010, for their 50th anniversary,  Doc Martens will appropriately look as futuristic as the sound of “Twenty-Ten”. To kick off the celebrations, Doc Martens commissioned designers and artists to revamp their iconic 1460 mold.

 Levis Strauss Docs

Levi Strauss

Orla Kiehly Docs

Orla Kiehly

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood

Puffy Docs

Sean Jean(Just another dope Puffy remix, but really this time)


note…it was your fault it didn’t work out!!!