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Modern Mode

It was easy as a kid to think vividly about the future. Sure, shit sucks, but I’m finding it’s a better time than any to get back in my junior state of mind and just create. Create, what I want the future to look like.

No doubt, 5th + Prospect has me bursting through the space time continuum, but today, the weirdo Taz Arnold was my visual cue and soundtrack for some thoughts about the future. No surprise though, being that Taz walks around in public like this(the one that really really stands out) :


Featuring Taz Arnold and Sara Simmonds-a hybrid music video/short film reflecting the spirit of the Rachele A. Couture line.


I have no problems with the gay peoples…but I still refuse to consider an answer to the question of how much money it would take for me to hook up with another dude. The same type thinking, or lack thereof, applies to someone paying me to rock this befuddled tee:


So many thoughts about this look currently being pushed by Urban Outfitters, but I’ll keep the opinions to three. Number One: Couldn’t UO have put a less swarthy model in this tee (I mean from the looks of their site, they had 10 other models to choose from that would fit the description of less swarthy)? Number Two: Whoever you are Urban Outfitter’s model,  why would you play yourself like this (I mean I understand modeling is your thing thing, but don’t jig for beer or bills)? Number Three: Dancing, not jigging, for beer or bills is cool though, especially when accompanied by two of the best strip club songs ever:

note…when 5th + Prospectlaunches i’ll be less opinionated, maybe.

Complex Magazine, the style guide to raping street culture(kinda), has finally broken their long stretch of creative impotence with this:





Nothing but respect, this time, to Kanye and ultimately Chris Milk, for delivering a proper “Space Is The Place” theme that doesn’t look like an appropriation of Chuck Anderson’s work (when he was 17).


Shit, with no pressure to gas up hot garbage hits like The Ting Tings, it would be nothing for me to review long standing, popular cuts like “I Saw the Sign”, by Ace of Base, just because. But the way that I see it, I would first pull peoples in by doing legit music reviews(more coherent versions of the one today), get everyone all jonesin for my shit, and then flip the script with some Ace of Base, like out of nowhere(supposedly like the government did with base in inner cities).

Hit # 1   

Heard Snoop’s dubstep attempt at being a Bollywood swinger the other night at a 611 party…Interesting, not the party, but the cut.

Hit # 2

Doom just dropped his new album along with the MF in his name. For the peoples that love him, what can I say that you already don’t know…for the peoples that don’t know, get familiar.

note…if you’re still reading this post and have not already rushed off to Bit Torrent or Amazon(get it how you see it, right) to cop Doom’s new album… the cold number up there was produced by Jay Dee who I also dig for.


Despite Yoon’s aversion:

The Death Set is playing on thursday not too far from me. Just thought you might want to know. You’ll probably have to go alone cause that last time I went to the Ottobar I saw girls licking girls and boys licking boys, a big black dildo, and someone’s cooch was displayed for everyone to see. I’ve developed an aversion to it now.(Yoon Yoon)

I hopped on the greyhound bus to Baltimore to check out The Death Set:

They were rocking out with Ninjasonik:

I ended up bent in Philly and miss 2 buses, so missed the show. I guess I could have drove but the greyhound to Bmore is alot like Soul Plane…In the regards where comments such as “It’s my birthday, I’m about to get my eyelashes on and popping”, are standard fare…It’s alot of fun if you’re comfortable. Much like the monthly Deep Sugar party in Baltimore. Deep Sugar is an oldschool, warehouse-style jam where the house heads, old heads, scenesters, gays, thugs, addicts, and the occasional prostitute come together for dope music and performances. Before the party though, Yoon Yoon took me to some swanky restaurant where the dj was learned with Funk 45’s. I put my elbow on the table and knocked back jack n cokes with what Yoon calls din din.

din din

And the party:





down ass chicks!




N’ Dea Davenport (Brand New Heavies) was next level:


ndea davenport

#1 couple in Baltimore for sure (real and chill):




note…this isn’t going to be another one of those party blogs, mainly because my motivation to take nice fotos declines after each drink…see above.

Art school, creative, whatever-whatever girls, especially the genuinely quirky ones, are perplexingly ok times. But what the fuck is up with the tape on your shoes? I didn’t trip to hard when you said James Brown was repetitive and Morrissey would “change my life”,  and I laughed it off the one time we were hooking up and to my surprise; your underwear was on backwards but quick, you claimed you were just in a rush to see me…and later fessed that you now felt comfortable, it really didn’t matter, and you hadn’t got around to washing your clothes. But taping up your shoes…might be a Vice Magazine-Do, but still gets no love in my already crazy world. Yuk.

nuh uh

Or maybe its not that bad.

good look?

I don’t know, if rich girls started doing it I would dig it. And I’m assuming that was the master plan with this unicorn barf right chere:

unicorn barf 

And all of this calls to mind, pre-distressed footwear. The crux of a seemingly superficial topic: Is it really necessary to live hard just to sport a look that says you did? Fuck that, specifically is it ok to spend $410 on these Golden Goose sneaks?  

golden-goose star


***note…first set of destroyed footwork is from exceedingly good keex (blog roll) of the punk band PRE…the second look is from Philly Sidewalk a short-lived, sartorial-esque blog that the Temple University(aka the first college I dropped out of) newspaper used to run. plus in all actuallity, I dig keex’s whatever whatever and the brand Golden Goose…so does William Yan because he rides writes on them all the time.

Not in a race to be the coolest city, Baltimore is what it is and totally unapologetic about it. And I can dig it. The city’s creative vibe is just as thick as its grime and grit. It feels like one of those cities that coerces you to get a little dirty to get down…Think Spank Rock lyrics, dodging bullets to hit an ill party, and an urban canvas with styles upon styles of graffiti.

Circa 2000,  actually the first time I ever experienced the whole bombing thing on a non-toy level, I was at a house party and this dude from Baltimore with a “need for speed” look in his eyes asked me had I ever tried angel dust. Candidlythe only way I know how“the drugs” seem mind blowing and a live time, but I prefer to be high on life and other stuff (I’m not preachy, I said other stuff, breathe easy mr. dope man). Anyways, so I didn’t go coo coo for angel dust that night but I did take off with the cat to go bomb North Philly.


Sorry, kinda, for the shitty photo…I was young and stupid. The dude turned out to be a writer from Bmore by the name of KRISP with the very relevant, kos crew. (note…you had to walk across the ledge of the not only dilapidated but gutted white building to get up in the nook…the things guys do to score). Which is why the McGinley photo of Dash resonates with me.

Dash Snow

And why Yoon Yoon takes me to all the spots whenever I’m running through Baltimore…And for emphasis, the creative vibe in Baltimore is thick.

yoon is a hobo shoot yoon


spot 1

spot some




hobo and dog

I dig BAAL:







And remember the ad ? Of course you do…here’s the Believe scene.


note…the bad fotos were shot by me, the good fotos by yoon yoon; together we’re balanced. and remember in this bleak economy, don’t shy away from diversifying your skillspeep all avenues.  

yoon won