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Being low key and inclement heat brazing over the city this weekend, didn’t stop me from checking the block party thrown by, wait for it…Philly’s #1 art and cultural mag-McJawn(215 mag is ok, for shit we all heard before: the Roots, the police bombing a neighborhood of about 61 houses in North Philly, etc. etc.). Now I only stayed for the length of time it took me to finish a pint, and I was thirstaay…And rightfully sobrownies and heat are no match. For the short time I was there though:

I couldn’t get that Boners All the Time song out of my heads…inspired to see a collective that embraces communities outside of Fishtown and funky hippy town aka parts of West Philly…looking forward to seeing what becomes of McJawn, like I hope they all stay heroin free, and keep progress, because not only does the scene need them, the city benefits from events like theirs too. (215 mag block party?)


The Internets are loaded with time demolishing shit to knock you off your hustle…If you have no hustle though, peep Hamburger Eyes, I dig it. I mean its no You Porn, but visually audacious nonetheless and might motivate you to do art or move to San Francisco and act like you do.

Vanache…The name Vanache makes me think of this one homeless guy that walks around the city saying, “I could kill someone with my bare hands”. Why I will forever find that phrase more funny than threatening is beyond me. So Vanache’s blog is so thriller and will fuck your head up with cool runnings on a fresh layout, daily. I aspire to be that cool and die young.

And finally, what transforms my life, almost on a daily basis (talk about a good groove):

king britt


oz mag cover ?

40 years ago, before graffiti and krumping, OZ magazine illustrated just how much fun being subversive could be.

mega dome



Not so rebellious is our new Twitter page. If you know anything about Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other Social Networking jawns, the profile pic is super major when it comes to peoples choosing to stalk you or not. I narrowed our profile pic down to the above 3 in the past 48 hours, but one…Yoon commented my dome piece looked mega, tw0…Yoon looks like a vegan, and three…Coming Soon! For now though you can find us looking like:

we suck blood

And to differentiate our tweets(that sounds so), next to my happenings will be the phallic symbol 8===) and Yoon’s will have (o)(o).