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Being low key and inclement heat brazing over the city this weekend, didn’t stop me from checking the block party thrown by, wait for it…Philly’s #1 art and cultural mag-McJawn(215 mag is ok, for shit we all heard before: the Roots, the police bombing a neighborhood of about 61 houses in North Philly, etc. etc.). Now I only stayed for the length of time it took me to finish a pint, and I was thirstaay…And rightfully sobrownies and heat are no match. For the short time I was there though:

I couldn’t get that Boners All the Time song out of my heads…inspired to see a collective that embraces communities outside of Fishtown and funky hippy town aka parts of West Philly…looking forward to seeing what becomes of McJawn, like I hope they all stay heroin free, and keep progress, because not only does the scene need them, the city benefits from events like theirs too. (215 mag block party?)


Frank 151 is the shit when they’re not outrageously legitimate with articles about animals on the road to extinction. I acknowledge though, making the insignificant significant is not my bag…Or is it the other way around? What’s certain though, is that Magazines are a dying breed and we should all do our part in breathing life into the industry.

Long ago, when I believed in something, I tried starting an indie-inspired zine with a friend. The said friend tried crack once and I wasn’t much help in the zine jumping off either.  

Possibly if I would have applied myself, it would have been something like Deth Kills, not to be confused with the NYC line Deth Killers of Brushwick:

Wow, what a dope fucking way to show fits, but no Deth Kills. Their latest efforts at being overachievers has them hand constructing this cute zine of artist’s proofs called Tester. Check:

Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.

                                                                     -Oscar Wilde

Which I’m sure has much to do with M.I.A receiving the venerable accolade of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People:


But just an afterthought of a villain, that will hopefully materialize into plenty of duckets along with world domination…Create something that peoples will want to mirror!

Anyways, painter Joe Holbrook represents the art imitating life side and I can most definitely dig his perspective, talent, blahblahblah too. Its like art for the peoples such as myself that could care a fuck less about the intrinsic beauty of boobies:joe holbrook looking good

joe holbrook_untitled


joe holbrook_sleeping_beauty

Complex Magazine, the style guide to raping street culture(kinda), has finally broken their long stretch of creative impotence with this:





Nothing but respect, this time, to Kanye and ultimately Chris Milk, for delivering a proper “Space Is The Place” theme that doesn’t look like an appropriation of Chuck Anderson’s work (when he was 17).