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The good peoples over at McJawn hip me to a party outside of Fishtown. And although their promo units lack the display of booty and bottles on a high gloss 5 by 7( like who’s idea was it to think outside the box), I might go. The lineup includes, obviously, well-dressed talents minus that hooch Amanda Blank.

Most fresh, their promotions:

mcjawn flyer

Throwing a jam the progressive way…their video too:

note…people from jersey, love yous, this isnt a nitrous party though.


Core 77 is a virtual must for peeping design from outer space. Their site should basically be mandatory reading in inner shittycity schools along with the mural of a pregnant teen looking somber. Pushing progressive products that challenge the conventional is very much an every day thing for them. Case and point, their latest concept, limited edition of course (25), is a bike that expresses style way beyond the framework of  the typical fixie. If that’s not enough, some smart ass came up with the genius idea to name it the Dutch Master…salute:


dutch master 2

dutch master tight roll

a gold leaf !

Once again…

boogie juice

Frank 151 is the shit when they’re not outrageously legitimate with articles about animals on the road to extinction. I acknowledge though, making the insignificant significant is not my bag…Or is it the other way around? What’s certain though, is that Magazines are a dying breed and we should all do our part in breathing life into the industry.

Long ago, when I believed in something, I tried starting an indie-inspired zine with a friend. The said friend tried crack once and I wasn’t much help in the zine jumping off either.  

Possibly if I would have applied myself, it would have been something like Deth Kills, not to be confused with the NYC line Deth Killers of Brushwick:

Wow, what a dope fucking way to show fits, but no Deth Kills. Their latest efforts at being overachievers has them hand constructing this cute zine of artist’s proofs called Tester. Check:

Lived Philly this weekend in the manner of an ill-fated artist, not prone to drugs or sex, that was given only one weekend to live. From front to back, North to South, interesting to wtf everI pedaled hard through Philly’s art scene. 75% coherent and pretty attentive I went to go see Cezanne and Beyondan exhibition featuring the work of Paul Cezanne side by side  a sleu of other fine art stalwarts he inspired: Picasso, Mastisse, Ellsworth Kelly,etc:

cezanne and beyond

But damn though, though there was a will, there was no way I could drop the $24 they unexpectedly asked for when I reached the front of the line. Was bummed and so were the peoples:

philly art museum fu.

Although in a turn of events, found an indpendent gallery where the whole get up entailed: a smart use of space, fordward thinking, and free daytime beers and hummus.

color show

south st. gallery


note…the gallery is saint march, also went to the tiberino house “the circus”, but prefer not to take photos of that…should experience it first hand.

Work it out Chicago!










house jawn

Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is…its hot damn.

Injecting poverty-stricken communities with a poor imitation of cocaine, as if they already don’t deserve better, and rocking a wardrobe full of BAPE clothing outside of Tokyo, the Suburbs, and hip parts of Australia, is not okay by any standards of saneness. But as reality insists, there is always an exception to the rule, and The Clipse are that exception.

Honest, I’ve never adopted the word “swag” in my bravado displaying talk, because its clearly super wack as well as ironically wack and I shoot for semi wack like Revenge of the Nerds, Digable Planets vernacular, and Andy Warhol. So consider this a stark veer off how I usually put things: The Clipse’s swag is ridiculous, are the best rappers in the game right now, and fuck you Flo Rida…actually that last part is all me.

So I’m absolutely hyped the Internets and peoples seem to finally get how dope The Clipse are, even if their current shine is Ab-Liva-less and likely on the account of Kanye and the all-world graffiti artist Kaws.


On thoughts of Kanye, I don’t think he deserves another plus or minus opinion about him until 2012-when the world ends. The artist Kaws on the other hand, well, people talk bukoo shit about him and I guess I can see why, especially when his work ends up in the hands of crummy kids like this(unless this kid is stoned in this shot and well, that would put him way ahead of his kind):


But being the super nice guy that I am, I can’t help but judge people on their full body of work and getting up broad daylight is brilliant, hard-body, and KAWS is ultimately the shit for it: