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I’ve always been amazed at how Nike could simultaneously market to overground and underground markets effectively. Rather it be some ghetto shit, suburban-performance jogging shit, or just their push into the hard to please realm of skateboarding, they always seem to get it.

I’m too fat to skateboard, has always been my moronic cop-out for not jumping on board. That being acknowledged, my thoughts on the topic is definitely lacking, but I would think a high definition skate video would be too sweet/bitch to appeal to a bunch of ruffians that skate all day and steal snacks from their local 7-11 (in Jersey WaWa). According to the faceless voices on the Internets though, Nike’s HD skate video Debacle, which is the first ever HD skate vid, is more than proper:


And of course, being the marketing don that they are, you have 3 more days to download the vid for free here, if you haven’t already.  I have, it was ok, I’m fat, but I do dig this commercial with LA’s Paul Rodriguez and Ice Cube:


So I look to keep no weak links, on the Internets and off, I lean towards peoples whose moves and perspectives progress in uncharted territories i.e. unique…Or at least have good jokes like:

What do you call cheese thats not yours?

Na-cho Cheese, biiiiiiiitch! (note…you don’t have to add the bitch in there, thats just for added effect)

To put it another waynot everyone can be as luminous as lets say God or Sun Ra, but I dig peoples that have the experiences to set my mind free from what I already know. Although, I don’t want to learn how to crip walk or tuck my jeans into my duck boots like Day 26 and some of the ill-advised dudes walking around Philly these days, yuk.

Links that provided me with fresh insight in the past 2 days though:

AllfortheRikers posted up the documentary Captured which seems to shed a grim but truthful light on the happenings of the Lower East Side before it became sweet.

Also on the film tip, Jonathan from Hips and Hair mentioned how he went to the screening of the retrospective documentary, Valentino:  The Last Emperor and how the shit was dope, inspirational, etc.


Prior to Jonathan mentioning the doc, I was content with thinking the Last Emperor was just a rapper from Philly most notable for a doing a couple of cuts with the Lyricist Lounge. And though I’m not fanatically drawn to Haute Couture or rich people farting out farts that smell like Grey Poupon and laughing about it, this documentary looks so much deeper than that. Was suppose to hit a screening in NY but had to go to DC instead. DC is toxic and gives me gas too, but will delve into that maybe another time.

For now though, it’s all about Hips n Hair being a line that drops more creative product than just t-shirts…good look:

where purple meets beauty

hot nips=good tips

Oh, and behind the scenes, Rika-a graphic designer that gives me the proverbial kick n the nuts when I audaciously come up with a bad idea…and challenges me to creatively see outside myself.

One morning I woke up and found my favorite pigeon, Julius, had died I was devastated and was gonna use his crate as my stickball bat to honor him. I left the crate on my stoop and went in to get something and I returned to see the sanitation man put the crate into the crusher. I rushed him and caught him flush on the temple with a titanic right hand he was out cold, convulsing on the floor like a infantile retard. (Mike Tyson, of course)

“Iron Mike” is the motherfucking man…Oh so he’s fat now and eats children? So what, Tyra Banks still looks delicious and amazing. Not that Tyson looks delicious but I have no problem saying, even though he is conspicuously crazy, in my mind he will always remain as indestructible as he was on Punch Out (this game might separate the young from the old, the Little Macs from the Midget Macs).

And though his cover looks like it reads “The Complete Idiots Guide to Life”, I truly think Tyson is a genius. Truly, not in any way similar to Shaquille O’neil’s media portrayed intelligence aka “The Big Aristotle”. Kind of in the same vein, Tyson is the ultimate Greek Tragedy, as depicted in his soon to be released documentary “Tyson”. And just in case you’re thinking something shitty along the lines of the Biggie Smalls biopic “Notorious”, supposedly, from Cannes to Sundance the doc electrified and received mad artistic recognition. Even the trailer looks thriller.

Also stay tuned this week for posts on a how it’s possible a trip to Baltimore can make someone who never smiles…look like this:

write right




I have mad respect for all the people that still check this blog every now and again.  I know, some days the shit doesn’t make sense to me either, but nope, I don’t edit a thing…And also, you best believe I would never ever sham you by drinking 4 porters, 2 shots of Paul Masson, and taking what could’ve been a hit of crack before I reviewed this film. Besides, I don’t have swagger like Hunter S. Thompson.

A year ago, the most morrally corupt friend I have,  told me to check out the movie Old Boy.


I sat on the advice until this weekend because this was the same asshole that once emailed me a link leading into a splash page of two 60 year-old gents hunching. Back to script though…Old Boy is a revenge laden, love entangled flick that depicts the dude-Oh Dae-Su being mysteriously entrapped in a prison/hotel room, only to be randomly released 15 years later into the scheme of a puppet master-like antagonist and the life of a fine ass sushi chef.    

The film is a 2 hour emotionally unstable relationship that teeters between copacetic and vulnerability. Despite the sound of that, you won’t cryunless you’re sweet—but every element of the film: plot line, music, edits or lack thereof, and so on, come together brilliantly(no really) to make you feel first and think later. Unlike some indie films  that make you do so much initial thinking only to be left with feeling like shit after not being able to ”get it”. One of my favorite scenes of the movie, for obvious reasons, is:

Nonrelated but also this weekend, I came to the conclusion that rich girls from NY are cool but crazy and can eat your heart out quick fast.ouch

 note…i will start editing-gone when i wrote that, the nefarious eyed girl is actually from DC not  NY(same thing tho), my bad…dont haunt my dreams, fotos were shot by my man with the funny thing on his face in the last post, who btw is a sharp mind that will help in marketing(right?).  

Regardless of both being popular locales for weirdos,  Atlantic City and Mars are not all that similar. Although, throw in christmas or the equivalent and South Jersey aptly becomes a dreamy depressing experience like Mars and from what I hear, an Imogean Heap concert.





This year, I also veered off the traditional path with the Flaming Lips’ film,  ”Christmas on Mars”.

yoons peoples

The folk-art flick took 7 years to make, features space cadets bugging out about Christmas on Mars, and Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips yaks, ” I wanted it to feel like some kind of drug-damaged foreign film”. Yeah so personally I think the film is as much of a must see as Daft Punk’s Electrorama. And I accept thats possibly a terrible litmus test because there’s a good chance you skipped out on that one too. No worries, here is another explanation by Coyne that doesn’t require a preconditioned knowledge of drugs and foreign film.

We know, for certain, that life is bleak and dark…it is awkward and clumsy and devoid of all meaning. Therefore, it is up to us to make it beautiful and graceful. It is up to us to see its magic and wonder.

Happy Holidays!