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I must admit, this post was inspired by the seminal street styles of Manhattan, my dude (booty). My man, Scott Schuman, is a genius as all people who dress right know.

The ladies on his blog in their fits are always schwing and the guys possibly attract a lot of gay mens out there with ease. So triggered by the thought of capturing sartorialist in Philly and finding a model jawn that shared similar interest in the finest of linens…I went out and caught some flicks that ultimately came out like tags. Center City is as classy as tucked in shirts:

street stuff

street stuff

note…Schuman just came out with a book recaping all his top shelf shit from over the years and also, I remember thinking the beauty on the cover was sexy, not pretty, but sexy:












house jawn

Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is…its hot damn.

Injecting poverty-stricken communities with a poor imitation of cocaine, as if they already don’t deserve better, and rocking a wardrobe full of BAPE clothing outside of Tokyo, the Suburbs, and hip parts of Australia, is not okay by any standards of saneness. But as reality insists, there is always an exception to the rule, and The Clipse are that exception.

Honest, I’ve never adopted the word “swag” in my bravado displaying talk, because its clearly super wack as well as ironically wack and I shoot for semi wack like Revenge of the Nerds, Digable Planets vernacular, and Andy Warhol. So consider this a stark veer off how I usually put things: The Clipse’s swag is ridiculous, are the best rappers in the game right now, and fuck you Flo Rida…actually that last part is all me.

So I’m absolutely hyped the Internets and peoples seem to finally get how dope The Clipse are, even if their current shine is Ab-Liva-less and likely on the account of Kanye and the all-world graffiti artist Kaws.


On thoughts of Kanye, I don’t think he deserves another plus or minus opinion about him until 2012-when the world ends. The artist Kaws on the other hand, well, people talk bukoo shit about him and I guess I can see why, especially when his work ends up in the hands of crummy kids like this(unless this kid is stoned in this shot and well, that would put him way ahead of his kind):


But being the super nice guy that I am, I can’t help but judge people on their full body of work and getting up broad daylight is brilliant, hard-body, and KAWS is ultimately the shit for it:

Not in a race to be the coolest city, Baltimore is what it is and totally unapologetic about it. And I can dig it. The city’s creative vibe is just as thick as its grime and grit. It feels like one of those cities that coerces you to get a little dirty to get down…Think Spank Rock lyrics, dodging bullets to hit an ill party, and an urban canvas with styles upon styles of graffiti.

Circa 2000,  actually the first time I ever experienced the whole bombing thing on a non-toy level, I was at a house party and this dude from Baltimore with a “need for speed” look in his eyes asked me had I ever tried angel dust. Candidlythe only way I know how“the drugs” seem mind blowing and a live time, but I prefer to be high on life and other stuff (I’m not preachy, I said other stuff, breathe easy mr. dope man). Anyways, so I didn’t go coo coo for angel dust that night but I did take off with the cat to go bomb North Philly.


Sorry, kinda, for the shitty photo…I was young and stupid. The dude turned out to be a writer from Bmore by the name of KRISP with the very relevant, kos crew. (note…you had to walk across the ledge of the not only dilapidated but gutted white building to get up in the nook…the things guys do to score). Which is why the McGinley photo of Dash resonates with me.

Dash Snow

And why Yoon Yoon takes me to all the spots whenever I’m running through Baltimore…And for emphasis, the creative vibe in Baltimore is thick.

yoon is a hobo shoot yoon


spot 1

spot some




hobo and dog

I dig BAAL:







And remember the ad ? Of course you do…here’s the Believe scene.


note…the bad fotos were shot by me, the good fotos by yoon yoon; together we’re balanced. and remember in this bleak economy, don’t shy away from diversifying your skillspeep all avenues.  

yoon won

Earsnot’s perspective is so rad to me.

fillins-ok, pieces-eh, murals-ughh, get a graffiti coloring book or something…but tagging is where its at.

In regards to street art; being such a lover of sexy handstyles, I never get too crazy over stencils, wheatpaste, etc. etc. Lately though, when I’m not getting arrested by racist cops, I’ve been spotting real proper Hitchhikers(wood paintings bolted on street signs, that make super ghetto-cool installations) popping up in Philly…And of course staying up, because the shits are damn near impossible to remove. I doubt Hitchhikers will ever be infused into an Art History class discussion on the timelessness of art, but whatever. Here’s a couple I spotted over the weekend.

hitchhiker s st.hitchhiker s st. 09