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The good peoples over at McJawn hip me to a party outside of Fishtown. And although their promo units lack the display of booty and bottles on a high gloss 5 by 7( like who’s idea was it to think outside the box), I might go. The lineup includes, obviously, well-dressed talents minus that hooch Amanda Blank.

Most fresh, their promotions:

mcjawn flyer

Throwing a jam the progressive way…their video too:

note…people from jersey, love yous, this isnt a nitrous party though.


I’ve always been amazed at how Nike could simultaneously market to overground and underground markets effectively. Rather it be some ghetto shit, suburban-performance jogging shit, or just their push into the hard to please realm of skateboarding, they always seem to get it.

I’m too fat to skateboard, has always been my moronic cop-out for not jumping on board. That being acknowledged, my thoughts on the topic is definitely lacking, but I would think a high definition skate video would be too sweet/bitch to appeal to a bunch of ruffians that skate all day and steal snacks from their local 7-11 (in Jersey WaWa). According to the faceless voices on the Internets though, Nike’s HD skate video Debacle, which is the first ever HD skate vid, is more than proper:


And of course, being the marketing don that they are, you have 3 more days to download the vid for free here, if you haven’t already.  I have, it was ok, I’m fat, but I do dig this commercial with LA’s Paul Rodriguez and Ice Cube:

I don’t own an iPod so I have no choice but to get lost in the emphatic marketing noise of Downtown. Which is probably why I still don’t own an iPod…Like fuck shit, when you have a city that affords you lines of vision into exposed, spring-time behind, 09 throw ups(HOTHEAD still getting up!), and ads that may or may not compel me to buy, but always to think…spoken in binary code from a dork that loves ads, tho. Anyways I’m digging these right now for various reasons that I don’t feel like getting in too deep, even though this is a blog, fuck shit:


UBIQ, the Philly retailer made a shoe drop that I don’t really care about into something I consider a big deal now, sort of. ‘Fishsticks In Your Mouth’, get it?

tommy jones boss coffee

Tommy Jones in the Japanese ad campaign for Boss Coffee is refreshing.


The Philly-based mag McJawn taken it back to the days of declaring young love with chalk and the sidewalk.

Speaking of young love…the bartender at the bar/pop up gallery today looked like the St. Vincent chick with bad posture:


Given my disposition on art and propaganda…The more I see hitchhikers, the more I consider using them to spread the words: 5th + Prospect.

hitchhiker somewhere

That girls got roaches in her hair!

My partner Yoon Yoon is back on the scene from her jaunt to Japan and thats bless. Maybe her return will provoke me to be a bit more insightful with topics like Banksy’s GreenwhichVillage petstore and crappy/emo bands featured in Apple commercials. Ah c’mon did you happen to hear any other Peter Bjorn and John song besides Young Folks? If they would have just cut one of those single Cds with different remixes of ‘Young Folks’ that coud have easily been the sum of their existence. I imagine there could of have been a Justice remix, a MSKRFT electro banger remix, and a crappy Ratatat jazz remix. Anyways on to things I do like…I like Japan’s minimal over American Apparel’s minimal but the Japanese retailer Uniqlo is really starting to complicate things. First they had to go and redesign their site to a look better identified with and now this.

I know, you’re thinking to yourself-cool its a Norman Rockwell painting! 

Actually this a draft of Uniqlo’s upcomming promotion for their new Heat Tech Innerwear line that will take place on November 18th in Time Square. Basically go to Broadway and Seventh Avenue, between 43rd and 44th on the 18th of November and Uniqlo will be handing out some type of space cadet, heat contraption clothing for FREE! Wait, don’t put an X on your calendar just yet…its complicated. Here is an explanation from one of Uniqlo’s reps:

”Basically we’re going to have two mimes. A male and a female mime inside the machine. And the public can see them through glass. When you get there, we’re going to have Uniqlo reps dressed in the silver bodysuits. And they’re going to hold a thermograph scanner — think of an airport security machine. The thermographer identifies cold spots in your body. After you go through that, you go to the vending machine and push a button and the mimes are going to do a synchronized choreographed routine and then your outfit comes out.”

I don’t get it…