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I love how Bmore club takes ahold of skinny peoples waist! They start gyrating uncontrollably, shaking imaginary asses and other missing ingredients for making grinding worth while. Just messing, skin doesn’t need fat under it to feel good I suppose.

So though I’ve had less than hype words to spill over the whole Bmore club thing in the past, fuck, I’ve matured and get it now. After seeing Claire Hux outside of Baltimore, I realized it’s not necessarily the offensive lyrics that irk me…I just feel when you take the ghetto out of Bmore club what you really have is just a bunch of skinny people doing shit.  

***side note…we’re moving on up, by the end of the week we’ll unfold part of the master plan so come back Thursday, Friday, etc…and not only was this post inspired by Claire Hux, this tee, please note…they were playing digable planets and shit :




Like a prostitute, you never know what you’re going to get with it, but it wasn’t worth the risk this time. So I guess this post could really be titled Whartscape/Artscape 2008: Philly, Titties & Beats 2009:

chilling in front of some ovaries in the 08

chilling in front of some ovaries in the 08

my favorite shitty band of 08

my favorite shitty band of 08

love at first sight it was.

love at first sight it was.

So the annual Odunde festival was the other day in Philly. The ensuing emptiness felt from scenester filled spots; culture fraught with stereotypes, supported by advertisers and cattle consumers; and just simply how much the previous attended Odunde festivals were dug, all pushed me to go. Bought some incense for cool out time, vibed in the drum circle, and got lifted above a care in the world :

odunde 1


odunde 3


btw, her, omg!!!

odunde 5

she got lifted too:

odunde 7

And the styles were naturally dope. None of that contrived shit, where you buy a look regularly seen on the scene and rock with no added flavors, obviously:

odunde 8

yoon sucks!I’m fed up, Yoon Yoon sucks. Last post Mika Miko was lauded as the next big thing. My bad, I exagerrated. They’re really fly though and I would give up anything to see them live. So last Friday, same day of the last post, why would Yoon Yoon inform me Mika Miko and the Death Set were playing a show after the show was pretty much over? She hate me?

I said it once and I’ll say it again…These girls are going to be big stars:

Sorry hip hop heads or whatever the fuck people call you, despite hitting the Super Dope party this week, which was so ghetto yet so proper, I’ve been on the punk tip because life was low. Chi Ching-up though, today I think is pay day and:


No ticket, no problem…George that’s bless. So the Roots Picnic was so live. Like, “The Roots, sweet!” fails for sure this time to fully demonstrate appreciation for what took place. Maybe something like that is better applied to what Asher Roth was doing in a tent far away from the main stage of musicians. I’m just hating though, I can’t really say for certain because I wasn’t over there canoodling with those folks…Don’t take offense to that unless you went to the show to tan and get loose off strawberry wine coolers.

(***note…i’m still a lot cracked out. the day after, Quest was spinning at what im sure one day will be labeled around the city as, “The Party”)

So fuck being fancy in the pantry…the haps, short and sweet:

the roots pn

True story, despite Santigold being repsonsible for one of my all time favortie album covers:


She’s cool but wouldn’t be the one I’d pick for a rode trip. After seeing her rock though, I would be down with her on an abandoned island situation:

the roots pn 1

the roots pn3

the rootspn4

And Antibalas…finally I catch them live! So fresh, so funky:

the roots pn6

the roots pn8

the roots pn7

And the Black Keys were the shit but how exciting can it possibly be for you to look at photos of 2 dudes?

Moving on…I will never dance to another Bmore club song with a club skeez ever again! Seeing Public Enemy perform their whole album ” It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back”, backed by the Roots and Antibalas…Flavor Flav too…all elevated my mentals, soul, etc. etc:

the roots pn 12

the roots pn 14

the roots pn 13

good night.


in booty shorts, the ladyfriend doesn’t scheme me into seeing Asher Roth…

antibalas summons the spirit of Fela…

the chubby one from TOTR grew his fro back and is rocking a pink shirt…

king britt…

hippies and peoples from Jersey save some tickets for North Philly and such…

i get in for free like dude said and even though it wasn’t discussed, no security checks on my socks…


roots picnic