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The good peoples over at McJawn hip me to a party outside of Fishtown. And although their promo units lack the display of booty and bottles on a high gloss 5 by 7( like who’s idea was it to think outside the box), I might go. The lineup includes, obviously, well-dressed talents minus that hooch Amanda Blank.

Most fresh, their promotions:

mcjawn flyer

Throwing a jam the progressive way…their video too:

note…people from jersey, love yous, this isnt a nitrous party though.



in booty shorts, the ladyfriend doesn’t scheme me into seeing Asher Roth…

antibalas summons the spirit of Fela…

the chubby one from TOTR grew his fro back and is rocking a pink shirt…

king britt…

hippies and peoples from Jersey save some tickets for North Philly and such…

i get in for free like dude said and even though it wasn’t discussed, no security checks on my socks…


roots picnic


But this is my sanctuary shared by cute girls and disco:


Despite Yoon’s aversion:

The Death Set is playing on thursday not too far from me. Just thought you might want to know. You’ll probably have to go alone cause that last time I went to the Ottobar I saw girls licking girls and boys licking boys, a big black dildo, and someone’s cooch was displayed for everyone to see. I’ve developed an aversion to it now.(Yoon Yoon)

I hopped on the greyhound bus to Baltimore to check out The Death Set:

They were rocking out with Ninjasonik:

I ended up bent in Philly and miss 2 buses, so missed the show. I guess I could have drove but the greyhound to Bmore is alot like Soul Plane…In the regards where comments such as “It’s my birthday, I’m about to get my eyelashes on and popping”, are standard fare…It’s alot of fun if you’re comfortable. Much like the monthly Deep Sugar party in Baltimore. Deep Sugar is an oldschool, warehouse-style jam where the house heads, old heads, scenesters, gays, thugs, addicts, and the occasional prostitute come together for dope music and performances. Before the party though, Yoon Yoon took me to some swanky restaurant where the dj was learned with Funk 45’s. I put my elbow on the table and knocked back jack n cokes with what Yoon calls din din.

din din

And the party:





down ass chicks!




N’ Dea Davenport (Brand New Heavies) was next level:


ndea davenport

#1 couple in Baltimore for sure (real and chill):




note…this isn’t going to be another one of those party blogs, mainly because my motivation to take nice fotos declines after each drink…see above.