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I’ve always been amazed at how Nike could simultaneously market to overground and underground markets effectively. Rather it be some ghetto shit, suburban-performance jogging shit, or just their push into the hard to please realm of skateboarding, they always seem to get it.

I’m too fat to skateboard, has always been my moronic cop-out for not jumping on board. That being acknowledged, my thoughts on the topic is definitely lacking, but I would think a high definition skate video would be too sweet/bitch to appeal to a bunch of ruffians that skate all day and steal snacks from their local 7-11 (in Jersey WaWa). According to the faceless voices on the Internets though, Nike’s HD skate video Debacle, which is the first ever HD skate vid, is more than proper:


And of course, being the marketing don that they are, you have 3 more days to download the vid for free here, if you haven’t already.  I have, it was ok, I’m fat, but I do dig this commercial with LA’s Paul Rodriguez and Ice Cube:


Seldom do I drop jaw and spill out the words ” I need that in my life”, because as it currently stands, ” I used to love her” and “crack is wack”…but shazam, these kicks, I’m not even into S&M but I would lick them.  

undefeated X converse

Right along with the pasty yet buttery-smooth face of designer Carrie Mudane.


Art school, creative, whatever-whatever girls, especially the genuinely quirky ones, are perplexingly ok times. But what the fuck is up with the tape on your shoes? I didn’t trip to hard when you said James Brown was repetitive and Morrissey would “change my life”,  and I laughed it off the one time we were hooking up and to my surprise; your underwear was on backwards but quick, you claimed you were just in a rush to see me…and later fessed that you now felt comfortable, it really didn’t matter, and you hadn’t got around to washing your clothes. But taping up your shoes…might be a Vice Magazine-Do, but still gets no love in my already crazy world. Yuk.

nuh uh

Or maybe its not that bad.

good look?

I don’t know, if rich girls started doing it I would dig it. And I’m assuming that was the master plan with this unicorn barf right chere:

unicorn barf 

And all of this calls to mind, pre-distressed footwear. The crux of a seemingly superficial topic: Is it really necessary to live hard just to sport a look that says you did? Fuck that, specifically is it ok to spend $410 on these Golden Goose sneaks?  

golden-goose star


***note…first set of destroyed footwork is from exceedingly good keex (blog roll) of the punk band PRE…the second look is from Philly Sidewalk a short-lived, sartorial-esque blog that the Temple University(aka the first college I dropped out of) newspaper used to run. plus in all actuallity, I dig keex’s whatever whatever and the brand Golden Goose…so does William Yan because he rides writes on them all the time.

“I have more shoes than my girlfriend”, ” 99 problems but my kicks aint one”, “Sneakers are neato”, etc. etc. However, I’m poor and practical, so the whole sneakerhead thing is not necessarily for me but I totally get it. Like if I won the lotto and had left over dollar bills ya’ll, after spending money on womens and altruistic agendas, I would have probably cop these up quick:


and subsequently fall into some heavy cognitive dissonance after these Vans Chukka Del Barco’s drop in Fall 09.

van vault chukka del barco

***note…I realize if I had a ton of duckets, I wouldn’t care if every week a new shoe came out that slayed my last “dopest sneaker ever” and that’s the point…The shoe game is a rat race and we will all die. Also tomorrow, word is bond, I start my one month free of Yoga and I’m positive it will in turn, brighten things up on this blog. Look out.

***post script script…whenever I get abused by cops I think of this tune: