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Core 77 is a virtual must for peeping design from outer space. Their site should basically be mandatory reading in inner shittycity schools along with the mural of a pregnant teen looking somber. Pushing progressive products that challenge the conventional is very much an every day thing for them. Case and point, their latest concept, limited edition of course (25), is a bike that expresses style way beyond the framework of  the typical fixie. If that’s not enough, some smart ass came up with the genius idea to name it the Dutch Master…salute:


dutch master 2

dutch master tight roll

a gold leaf !


Now that the city ate my bike, I’ve been cast down to a mere pedestrian…it’s shit. No more omnipresence, out goes certified cool, and breaking the law while having a fair chance at getting away with it is just a story of the past, like one time type shit, blah…no sun in philly today, btw.

And walking mad slow pass this exhibition, not because I wanted to, but because I had to was corny:



So cold right now:

It’s easy, bikes eclipse any and all modes of transportation in the city. And though one might figure, ” I need rainbow colored flare, skinny-exposed ribs, and a disengaging identity to be down to ride”, that is kinda true, but by no means a prerequisite. Oh and helmets? Albeit breaking my jaw, nose, and ego, I can honestly say pssh to all of that safety jazz…all you need is a funky hat to protect your noodle.

Most importantly, the bike. Before I delve though, let me use this opportunity to say:

Attention: My “borrowed” bike was stolen the other night outside my spot between the hours of 4am-4pm on Saturday. If you stole it…motherfucker its green, obviously I’m going to spot you out among the hipsters with fairy color jawns. And if you happen to see it or one of your scum bag friends that lives in Fishtown boosted my shit, reach out at kwankills at gmail dot com to receive a reward not to be valued at more than a 1/4. It looks like:


Now, the bike. While everyone downtown these days seem pressed on befriending anyone European because of the ensuing embarrassment that hood friends cause when the parents are in town from Scranton and such…I say eff both and bang out with the sexiest piece of foreign work to hit Stateside since Selma Hayek did a premature-stirring shimmy in that one Tarantino jawn. Awe…moving on: the Peugeot, love it:

sexy sexy

And don’t be bamboozled into thinking fixed is the only way to go. Clean and classic, the Peugeot is like Joan Rivers, forever sexy.


***note…my sexy, one more time.

mmm mmm so sexy toes curls so sexy