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Core 77 is a virtual must for peeping design from outer space. Their site should basically be mandatory reading in inner shittycity schools along with the mural of a pregnant teen looking somber. Pushing progressive products that challenge the conventional is very much an every day thing for them. Case and point, their latest concept, limited edition of course (25), is a bike that expresses style way beyond the framework of  the typical fixie. If that’s not enough, some smart ass came up with the genius idea to name it the Dutch Master…salute:


dutch master 2

dutch master tight roll

a gold leaf !


Racism is worse than badly designed political t’s. Proof.    

Sheppard Fairey is by no means a racist…Proof.

Really though…What does a racist do when they come across something, someone so beautiful.

Hey look!


My friends call me a socialist so this really isn’t an attempt to sway support or even talk politics as it is all about design with me…though one can argue design and politics are inextricably linked but that talk is not my bag. I’m sure everyone breathing and not confined in alaska has seen this print and have been like dope due to jawn being strangely addictive like propaganda and dope…or maybe it’s just that you’re into the work of Shepard Fairey, the artist behind the print. (I know all the people in the know are like no shit) Well some folks are just vote or dying it and wearing it cause it looks fresh so.

For more on the print that will most likely be in a 2050 history book check the AP. So I was doing my usual scroll through the Internets and came across Chris Hansen aka Iso50 who recently gave Obama some artistic dap with an even fresher piece.

fresher peace

fresher peace

I really realize it’s personal taste but this just seems a bit more involved while Fairey hooked us up with another proper looking Obey t-shirt design. The circles remind me of the artist Aaron Douglas(will get my man Ben to come in and speak on that name sooner than you think). Plus like I said, I am straight up bias. I’ve been a huge Iso50 fan for forever and just needed an intro to sneak in my likes. Here is a print that shined on my wall a few years back.

Plus on top of all the things good with Hansen, he assumes the moniker Tyco and churns out some smoothe tracks for yoga or chilling.