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So I look to keep no weak links, on the Internets and off, I lean towards peoples whose moves and perspectives progress in uncharted territories i.e. unique…Or at least have good jokes like:

What do you call cheese thats not yours?

Na-cho Cheese, biiiiiiiitch! (note…you don’t have to add the bitch in there, thats just for added effect)

To put it another waynot everyone can be as luminous as lets say God or Sun Ra, but I dig peoples that have the experiences to set my mind free from what I already know. Although, I don’t want to learn how to crip walk or tuck my jeans into my duck boots like Day 26 and some of the ill-advised dudes walking around Philly these days, yuk.

Links that provided me with fresh insight in the past 2 days though:

AllfortheRikers posted up the documentary Captured which seems to shed a grim but truthful light on the happenings of the Lower East Side before it became sweet.

Also on the film tip, Jonathan from Hips and Hair mentioned how he went to the screening of the retrospective documentary, Valentino:  The Last Emperor and how the shit was dope, inspirational, etc.


Prior to Jonathan mentioning the doc, I was content with thinking the Last Emperor was just a rapper from Philly most notable for a doing a couple of cuts with the Lyricist Lounge. And though I’m not fanatically drawn to Haute Couture or rich people farting out farts that smell like Grey Poupon and laughing about it, this documentary looks so much deeper than that. Was suppose to hit a screening in NY but had to go to DC instead. DC is toxic and gives me gas too, but will delve into that maybe another time.

For now though, it’s all about Hips n Hair being a line that drops more creative product than just t-shirts…good look:

where purple meets beauty

hot nips=good tips

Oh, and behind the scenes, Rika-a graphic designer that gives me the proverbial kick n the nuts when I audaciously come up with a bad idea…and challenges me to creatively see outside myself.