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I’ve always been amazed at how Nike could simultaneously market to overground and underground markets effectively. Rather it be some ghetto shit, suburban-performance jogging shit, or just their push into the hard to please realm of skateboarding, they always seem to get it.

I’m too fat to skateboard, has always been my moronic cop-out for not jumping on board. That being acknowledged, my thoughts on the topic is definitely lacking, but I would think a high definition skate video would be too sweet/bitch to appeal to a bunch of ruffians that skate all day and steal snacks from their local 7-11 (in Jersey WaWa). According to the faceless voices on the Internets though, Nike’s HD skate video Debacle, which is the first ever HD skate vid, is more than proper:


And of course, being the marketing don that they are, you have 3 more days to download the vid for free here, if you haven’t already.  I have, it was ok, I’m fat, but I do dig this commercial with LA’s Paul Rodriguez and Ice Cube:


But whatever whatever, I just wish the brand Sneaktip via suburban outfitter-Karmaloop, wouldn’t make such a big deal about it. Like I don’t need a mark of the beast for my stupidity, though sneakers are fresh as fuck, but ironically not Sneaktip.

Sure this tee is shiny and puts you in the game if coupled with some shades at nightBut also foresee yourself in this and realize how incredibly witty you would have to be in real life, on real time, just to reverse the stereotype.

1 being obesity

 Which is why I would never do this


or this

kick me



And I wouldn’t say Frank 151 sold out for that uninspired combination of shapes, cliches, and brand names…Although, I will say their collabo doesn’t make me want to admit to how much I dig their magazine.

And because I believe the villian to be a far flyer character than the hero…I also love how Nike bought out Converse. Not every piece of foot work that has come from their alliance in 2003 has been solid, but on a qualitative scale, their product innovation has been noticeably good. Case and point, Jeff Staple’s recent tag team with Converse.

staple n conversestaple n converse

Sneakers seem to have a way of providing the funk for guys who would otherswise be considered country. And for guys chasing that cool vibe, seemingly they deal with Nike. I admit I’m a nerd and Nike just really isn’t my thing thing when it comes to my feet. Maybe its the trauma of going to rich kid school when I was a jr and never being able to keep up with all the fat kids that sucked at dodge ball yet sported every edition of Jordans. I remember though my one and only pair of Nikes…the Air Raids my pops bought me as a payoff for going with him to see Spike Lee’s Malcom X. These shoes that day was a turning point…

until my strap broke. In all seriousness though, I don’t do Nike because I’ve probably become accustomed to not doing it but it also has to do with the rationale that Nike has fresh looks comming out like clockwork and therefore the whole process of comming out on top with a good looking shoe is too easy. Easy…maybe thats why everyone is doing Nike. I don’t know, I ‘m not being a hater as simpletons like to call people with opinions, I’m just saying that these Surface to Air hightops are pretty fucking rad.


made for moonwalking

made for moonwalking

So you hate them…whatevers they’re reasonably priced and can be found at…nevermind that, personally I dig them because they work with my approach of keeping the overall palette simple and then one piece that explodes. black on black then boom!