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Core 77 is a virtual must for peeping design from outer space. Their site should basically be mandatory reading in inner shittycity schools along with the mural of a pregnant teen looking somber. Pushing progressive products that challenge the conventional is very much an every day thing for them. Case and point, their latest concept, limited edition of course (25), is a bike that expresses style way beyond the framework of  the typical fixie. If that’s not enough, some smart ass came up with the genius idea to name it the Dutch Master…salute:


dutch master 2

dutch master tight roll

a gold leaf !


Bright-eyed rhyme slingers cloaked in dope boy fresh looks—Specifically I’m thinking Kid Cudi, Wale, the Cool Kids and the like, being, other fledgiling rappers including Asher Roth, but not Mickey Avelon—are cool. Still, on the other hand, even if Jadakiss was rocking Target fits coupled with Starbury Ones in this slightly corny video(nothing wrong with the female parts though) I might have to side with Kiss…this song is healthier than milk right now.

Also along the mental health tip…My regards for expanding and experiencing is pretty high too(Yoga in full force baby). The other night I went to go see some band because they had a cool name:

the shitty sounds

Turned out, despite their name, they sucked miserably. The cool part crept in though, when I had a conversation with some art school type about product design. For the most part, I never saw the creative difficulty in product design, but after listening to this geek explain the why’s and what’s of his seemingly BS major, either I’m a sucker or Paul Bunitz really is a genius.

And the range of experiences isn’t just from cool stuff to fast times. I mean all that partying eventually stops—the side effects from terrible lifestyle choices keep going—and when everyone’s gone home and it’s just me cooling out with some sandwiches, you’re not going to find me still in black nudies, lamping to some ” Dance Dance Sugar”. Basically there’s balance b (selah).

rocky 1



Yesterday had to jet to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to personally reintroduced myself to Duchamp. A web designer dropped the french artist’s name in a conversation the other day and I despise not being able to connect a name with a face, or in this case, an artist’s body of work. I like to close my eyes and visualize the shit. Plus dead peoples like Kant and Nietzsche(sp?) suggest looking at art conjures thinking like no other. 10 years ago, at night, me and her would sit on the steps…smoking a highlighter bowl, looking over the chaos of the city…like gods and shit. Anyways inside it was looking like:

marcel duchamp



Duchamp, yeah I should have known. My all time favorite shit that day though, “Like A Fire That Consumes All Before It”  by Cy Twombly.

cy twombly