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I love how Bmore club takes ahold of skinny peoples waist! They start gyrating uncontrollably, shaking imaginary asses and other missing ingredients for making grinding worth while. Just messing, skin doesn’t need fat under it to feel good I suppose.

So though I’ve had less than hype words to spill over the whole Bmore club thing in the past, fuck, I’ve matured and get it now. After seeing Claire Hux outside of Baltimore, I realized it’s not necessarily the offensive lyrics that irk me…I just feel when you take the ghetto out of Bmore club what you really have is just a bunch of skinny people doing shit.  

***side note…we’re moving on up, by the end of the week we’ll unfold part of the master plan so come back Thursday, Friday, etc…and not only was this post inspired by Claire Hux, this tee, please note…they were playing digable planets and shit :